Features Overview


Loving care in our home

Your dog will have a dramatically different experience staying in another home, which is likely somewhat similar to their own, versus staying in a “dog hotel” or boarding facility. Almost every personality of dog prefers staying in a home, as it significantly raises their comfort level and reduces stress from you being away.

On the other hand, there is actually ONE scenario in particular where I would suggest a kennel/baording facility over cage-free, in-home care. If your dog has a tendency to escape or bolt out of the house when someone opens the door, you should strongly consider the kennel option in order to ensure your pets safety. If you are strongly opposed to a kennel, then I highly recommend (as option #2) you purchase a pet GPS tracker and ensure your sitter utilizes it while your pet is staying at their house.

Private, personalized care

There is no other option available to truly receive personalized care for your dog, where they will actually have a dedicated person with them at all times, than with in-home boarding. One significant benefit in-home boarding provides is the ongoing cultivation of a relationship between the sitter and the dog. This makes trips away from home even easier for your dog when they have an established routine at a certain home and know exactly what to expect and look forward to.

Le Paws understands that some pets may require special care. When obligations arise that take owners away from their pets, we are here to help. Specialty care is designed for pets that are being rehabilitated, dealing with functional limitations,, need medications for health conditions, and a variety of other circumstances. Please address these needs at your initial Meet & Greet.



Photo Updates & Journals

Receive pictures and videos of your dog throughout their stay with us! Clients will typically receive a summary update every 2-3 days, which includes all videos and photos taken during that couple day period. enjoying a round of fetch.